Est. in 2018, To enhance the vision of our Diocesan while promoting our local Churches, and Pastors. The Newsletter brings our Council's Programing into full effect through Visual aides and communications. Through showcasing the accomplishments and celebrating Achievements of individual ministries births excitement. This Committee seeks to be a liaison for auxiliaries of the council to propel the vision into the next dimension. The North Carolina State Council News Letter! (The Voice) is being talked about through the regions and on a national level. We feel that we will be a prototype for others to follow.

There is a special section reserved for our Diocesan Bishop Marion E. Wright to speak to this wonderful body of believers and give to spiritual direction that he has received from God.
We are officially welcomed by Our Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and the Regional Host for each council. Our Prayer Clinic Speakers are spot lighted.
There's a section we call "The Church's Corner focuses on our Council's Churches Achievements, giving God His Glory and sharing what God is doing on the local level.


The faces of the Auxiliary Leaders, gives more depth to their Programs and Seminars for our Councils, and make personal their Council Presentations. It will give in sight of what awaits you during the North Carolina State Council sessions!

There is opportunity for Growth, as we build on excitement of expectations through The North Carolina State Council News Letter as we Speak (The Voice ) The Same Thing, in Jesus Name!

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